Our Services


State Legislative & Municipal Lobbying

For many businesses and organizations the legislative world is foreign and frustrating. Populi Public Affairs will decode the mystery of both state and local legislative processes and build an effective program to pass or defeat legislation that impacts your interests. We will research your issue, identify key stakeholders who support and oppose your position, and assist you in drafting legislation and amendments to win on your issue. We will use our strong relationships with elected officials and within the community to successfully execute your legislative agenda. We can also assemble bi-partisan lobbying teams using our network of capable lobbyists we work with on a regular basis and design multi-faceted campaigns that incorporate communications, media and advise you on how to activate your grassroots assets.


Independent Expenditures, Ballot Measures and Donor Management

Populi Public Affairs can help you design and execute complex independent expenditure campaigns that directly advocate for the election of candidates that support our client’s goals and objectives. Populi will navigate the complex and arcane world of the ballot measure process on your behalf and design, manage and execute campaigns to support those efforts. Our firm also provides donor management services to assist our clients better target their political donations, provide strategic analysis about federal, state and local races and help you wade through the mountain of fundraising solicitations to help you support the most viable candidates who best represent your values.


Strategic Planning & Project Management

Populi Public Affairs can help your business or organization turn your dreams of future success into a long-term strategic plan that helps you focus your energy, build buy-in amongst your board members and develop clear, actionable steps forward. We are the neutral, experienced third party facilitators for planning retreats and conduct unbiased research with your officers, board members and partners. We can work with you to uncover your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities facing your business or organization in the future. Everyone needs a plan and Populi Public Affairs can show you how design an effective and winning strategy.

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