Our Issues

Populi Public Affairs can help our clients advocate on a broad variety of issues and we have previous experience working on the following issues before the Colorado General Assembly:

bullet  Financial Services

bullet  Insurance

bullet  Healthcare

bullet  Labor and Employment

bullet  Transportation

bullet  Telecommunications

bullet  Tobacco Policy

bullet  Workers’ Compensation

bullet  Marijuana & Hemp Policy

bullet  Budget and Taxes

bullet  State Procurement

bullet  Capital Construction

bullet  Workforce Development

bullet  Worker Misclassification

bullet  Wage & Hour Compliance

bullet  Public Utilities Commission

bullet  Renewable Energy

bullet  DORA Regulation

bullet  Plumbing & Electrical Codes

bullet  Interstate Reciprocity Issues

bullet  Trade & Manufacturing

bullet  Workers’ Rights & Collective Bargaining

bullet  Unemployment Insurance

bullet  Voting Rights & Elections

bullet  Civil Rights

bullet  Ballot Measure Reform

bullet  Minimum Wage

bullet  Family Leave

bullet  Bonds & TIF Issues

bullet  Public Safety

bullet  Marriage Equality

bullet  Anti-discrimination Policies

bullet  Equal Pay for Women

bullet  And Many, Many Other Issues…

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